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About Me

      The first thing you should probably know about me is my name, Michele A. Dara (MAD). I'm from a small town in Ohio that I promise you have never heard of. I have a cat named Wormy, a dog named Anya, and a husband named Kyle. When I'm not making earrings, you can find me reading smutty books, or re-watching the same shows and movies over and over again.

     I know this is an about "ME" page, but I need to share some of this spotlight with my mom. She does so much behind the scenes work that this business would not be what it is without her and she deserves that recognition whether she likes it or not. I love you, mom.

     I started Undoubtedly MAD in 2019 not knowing it would change the course of my life. This was a dream I never thought possible for myself, so my appreciation for your support, encouragement, and kindness knows no end. To those of you who have been watching me grow from the beginning, thank you for growing with me, and to those of you seeing my work for the first time, I hope you love what you see and thank you for being here.